‘Silent Hill’ Unreal Engine 5 fan video recaptures the 1999 original

The trailer was created using Unreal Engine 5

A fan-made concept trailer for an Unreal Engine 5 remake of the original Silent Hill has been released on YouTube, and it captures the tone of the 1999 classic quite well.

The concept trailer (spotted by Wccftech) was created by TeaserPlay, and as the title suggests it isn’t intended to be released as a full game, and instead is just created to give fans a look at what a theoretical Unreal Engine 5 remake of Silent Hill could look like.

The trailer starts with footage of Harry Mason waking up in his crashed car just as he does at the beginning of the original game. Despite this, the trailer isn’t entirely faithful, including overdubbed dialogue from Silent Hill 2’s lead James Sunderland, and Cheryl’s character model being replaced with Laura, who is also from the sequel. It also shows some creatures that look akin to zombies, something which isn’t present in Silent Hill.


Still, the panning shots of the different locations and the sound design manage to recreate the atmosphere well enough, and it certainly retains the eerie feeling of the desolate supernatural town, even if the signature fog effect has been toned down.

Even though this isn’t a playable project, there have been rumblings of a few different Silent Hill projects in the works. One such rumour is a brand-new game in development by an unspecified studio, with leaker Dusk Golem posting pictures of the project on their Twitter account before being taken down.

Another is that Layers Of Fear developer Bloober Team is in fact developing a remake to fan favourite Silent Hill 2, while publisher Annapurna Interactive may be working on a smaller, potentially episodic, entry into the series. Of course, nothing is confirmed at the time of publication, so this should all be taken with a grain of salt.

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