‘Silent Hill’s’ Pyramid Head gets ‘Dead by Daylight’ revamp for Halloween

Head by Daylight

The iconic Silent Hill villain Pyramid Head is back to stalk victims in Dead by Daylight, as part of an ongoing crossover between Konami and Behaviour Interactive.

Not only will Pyramid Head himself get a horrifying new skin, dubbed “Pyramid Blight”, the fearsome killer will be joined in Dead by Daylight by James Sunderland, the protagonist of Silent Hill 2, which launched on PS2 twenty years ago. Both appear as costume sets, available through the in-game store.


The “Pyramid Blight” skin is a “very rare” set, which is described as “up[ping] the ante as he injects a searing dose of putrid serum into his system”, so that “body and blade drip with rotting matter”.

James Sunderland, meanwhile, is a “legendary” class skin for Cheryl Mason, another Silent Hill character who appears in Dead by Daylight as one of the survivors. Despite being one of the best-known characters from Konami’s horror franchise, his crossover appearance here has taken longer than expected to bring about.

“As one of the original characters in the Silent Hill series, James Sunderland has been in the works for quite a long time,” said product store manager Rose Li, via statement. “Things happen, deadlines shift to accommodate different content, and even though this was a release we had first envisioned for July, Halloween actual feels like the perfect moment to bring James into our game along with a grisly new look for Pyramid Head.”

The Silent Hill collaboration appears to have been a success for both developers. First launched in June 2020 as Dead by Daylight’s “Chapter XVI” DLC, it has also seen characters including Cybil Bennett, Lisa Garland, and Alessa Gillespie appearing in the survival game.

Other crossovers haven’t been quite as popular for Behaviour Interactive though, with fan backlash over the recent announcement of NFTs being sold based on Hellraiser character models used in Dead by Daylight.


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