‘Skyrim’ can be completed glitchless in just over an hour

What huge open world?

Skyrim is known for its huge open world and amusing glitches, but speedrunner nucular has ignored both of those to complete the game in 72 minutes and 15 seconds.

After taking an extended break from novice difficulty to try out the harder legendary category, world record holder nucular, returned to shave a further two minutes off his run. He now holds the world record in both categories, though speedrun timing does not include the load times.

A new strategy was found in his absence where runners do an unusual jump in three areas: Helgen, Karthspire and Skuldafn to skip small sections of the game. While not a glitch it lands on platforms the programmers did not intend for players to reach. This new technique allowed nucular to improve his already fast record.


The run uses the high elf race, as run speed is based on player height with the high elf being the tallest and therefore fastest. The run also utilises a trick where you drink large amounts of wine at once. Wine gives back stamina but reduces the regeneration. However, once the regeneration is reduced to zero players can keep drinking without negative side effects.

Stamina management is very important in the Skyrim speedrun. Without glitches players have to spend a lot of time waiting for their stamina to recharge. Wine can help negate this waiting time and so it helps a lot in speeding up the time.

In other news, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl speedrunners have been working on a glitched run of the game and yesterday (November 29), just ten days after its release, the game could be complete in just 33 minutes. Japanese runners have already improved on this time over the last 24 hours and already have beaten the game in just 25 minutes.