‘Skyrim’ mod to let players make Windhelm look like its concept art

The mod aims to replicate the original Windhelm concept art

A new Skyrim mod takes inspiration from the original Windhelm concept art and changes the entire city.

As spotted by TheGamer, the mod is being worked on by Slin95hot, who shared some in-progress images to Reddit. The post shows the original concept art of Windhelm, which looks different to the one players are familiar with. They also shared a look at their work so far, showing that they are trying to capture the likeness of the art.

The original artwork has a distorted, wavy look, with rocky architecture. Slin95hot’s mod mirrors the unusual steps and pathways that are shown in the original piece. This is their first mod, and they took inspiration from the “Beautify Windhelm” mod, saying “I learned how to mod and am creating it myself, since no body [is] doing it.”

"New Windhelm" mod I’m working on, Similar to the concept art, its my first mod btw. from skyrim


Slin95hot also said that they have more plans for the mod, saying: “I was thinking about removing the wall between the graveyard and the Candle Hearth hall, but I don’t know what to put in its place.”

Elsewhere, a popular, 10-year-old mod finally made its way to the Skyrim Special Edition. The Skyrim Requiem mod was created to make the game “more immersive, semi-realistic and coherent, with the [tendency] to find a compromise between old school mechanics and more modern approaches.”

One of the core concepts of Skyrim Requiem aims to level it around the player. “New adventurers lack the skill and equipment to tackle the dangers of Skyrim. During early levels, a lack of healthy fear and preparation will quickly result in death. Even as you grow in experience, combat will always remain deadly, as a sword or arrow in the gut is a death sentence without some measure of protection.”

Meanwhile, Valorant patch 4.0 is now live and includes a new Agent, map and weapon updates, a competitive play level requirement, and more.

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