‘Skyrim’ overhaul mod ‘Skyblivion’ shares 15 minutes of new footage

The project aims to completely rebuild 'Oblivion'

A new video showcases more of the details and features of Skyblivion, a Skyrim mod aiming to remake Oblivion.

The 15-minute video outlines how the developers do things like recreating 3D assets and clothing. The mod uses the Skyrim engine to completely remake the game that came before it (via Eurogamer).

“What started out as a simple side project, has evolved into one of the biggest modding projects to date,” says the video’s voiceover. “Despite the massive scope of this project, we are finally seeing the end of the road. But there is still work to be done.”


As of publication, there’s no release date for Skyblivion. The developer diary can also be watched below.

The details highlighted in the diary include Goblin enemies, the recreation of all 3D assets, updated Cyrodiil clothing, the reimagining and overhaul of Daedric artifacts and the city of Bruma.

This is the fourth developer diary for the mod, with the others available on both YouTube and the official website. Whilst completely free, users must own both Skyrim and Oblivion, alongside both game’s DLCs, for the mod to work.

The Skyblivion mod is always looking for volunteers, so those who wish to help out can apply here. Starting development in 2012, the mod will be over a decade in the making.

Skyrim mod Skyblivion
Skyblivion. Credit: TESRenewal/Bethesda


The development team has confirmed that it will only be available on PC when it releases in the future, due in part to the sheer size of the mod itself.

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