‘Skyrim’ players are in love with a mod that adds a fresh look for locks

Don't go picking any locks around here

Since the launch of Skyrim Special Edition, mods that offer different types of locks for players to pick has proven very popular with fans of Bethesda‘s RPG.

Over on Nexus Mods, a Security Overhaul mod has been one of Skyrim Special Edition‘s most popular mod since the game launched. The original mod – Security Overhaul SKSE – Lock Variations – was uploaded by powerofthree on the same day that Skyrim Special Edition launched, and has been downloaded by over 100,000 players with a penchant for lockpicking.

Currently, Nexus Mods’ ‘Popular (30 days)’ category still lists an add-on for the Security Overhaul mod as the most popular download in this timeframe, with nearly 50,000 players adding it to their games. As if that wasn’t enough, yet another Security Overhaul add-on isn’t far behind it in the category, with 21,700 downloads.


Security Overhaul adds all-new types of locks for players to pick in Skyrim, many of them much more regionally-appropriate for the uniform locks that are found in the vanilla game.

Dwarven chests, for example, will now be made up of the same Dwarven metal the chest itself is made of, and is rather more cog-themed. Meanwhile, Falmer chests will look suitably disgusting in line with the subterranean creature’s unsettling aesthetic choices elsewhere in their homes.

Other types of lock included in the add-ons include re-skinned locks for trapped chests, barnacle-encrusted underwater containers, and more.

For any thieves interested in freshening up the locks found in Skyrim, it’s worth visiting the original mod’s page first. This explains which mods are required for it to run, and also lists all of the other add-ons that can be downloaded on top of the first mod.


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