‘Skyrim’ roleplaying overhaul mod ‘Requiem’ finally in Special Edition

The mod originally released almost ten years ago

A popular overhaul mod for Skyrim has made its way to the Special Edition of the game, almost a decade after its initial release.

Originally released on Nexus Mods on June 23 2012 (thanks, PCGamesN), the mod made its way to the Special Edition on December 30 last year. The aim of the Skyrim Requiem mod is to make the game “more immersive, semi-realistic and coherent, with the [tendency] to find a compromise between old school mechanics and more modern approaches.”

Whilst not intended to serve as a difficulty mod, it is touted as a much harder version of Skyrim. It’s defined as the difference between being “harder” and “more dangerous”. The description even links to the following explainer video, if you fancy a quick look at what the mod offers. The mods readme file also contains sections to read through.


This is part one of an eight-part series on exactly what Skyrim Requiem is. One core concept is that the world “levels around you,” meaning the player shouldn’t find things too easy or far too difficult at certain points, instead having the world scale around them.

Taking well over 2000 hours to develop, essentially all aspects of Skyrim have been reworked to fit around this de-levelled player-centric overhaul, so listing it all here would take quite some time. Although the mod page does write out some examples of how the gameplay might change, including:

“New adventurers lack the skill and equipment to tackle the dangers of Skyrim. During early levels, a lack of healthy fear and preparation will quickly result in death. Even as you grow in experience, combat will always remain deadly, as a sword or arrow in the gut is a death sentence without some measure of protection.”

The Special Edition version can be found here, with the original linked here as well.


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