‘Skyrim’ skooma absinthe is now on sale

"The finest skooma, the sweetest moon sugar. At a fair price, of course."

Bethesda Softworks have teamed up with Jim and Tonic and Rebel Distillers and are selling an absinthe designed after the Skyrim item skooma.

Skooma, a highly addictive narcotic inducting euphoria in its users, acts as a stamina potion in the world of Skyrim. Now fans can get their hands on a real world version, an absinthe made in collaboration with Bethesda.

The absinthe is a deep “rouge” rather than the usual green. While the bottle is larger than its in game model, giving it a different shape, it is coloured in the deep purple similar to the one in the world of Skyrim. Each bottle is priced at £69 and the absinthe is 69 ABV.


The Jim and Tonic website describes the drink as follows. “Skooma is a make-believe drink, but absinthe has a similar history; so, we’ve developed a fantastic ‘Rouge’ absinthe. This is the first time a spirit like this has been produced, unique with the ingredients and the fact that it’s a ‘rouge’ absinthe rather than traditional green.”

As the bottle is intended to be “kept and treasured” a lot of thought went into designing it.

“Inspired by ancient glazing techniques of nomadic tribes, this bottle represents the spirit of adventure cultivated in The Elder Scrolls. Choose your own path, hone your skills, and celebrate your victories with the rare and dangerous taste of Skooma. Cherished and perfected by generations of the Dunmer, this unique drink is distilled from moon-sugar and sacred to those who worship the moon and stars.”

The red absinthe is available now and even ships internationally.

In other news,  first appearing on Kickstarter back in 2015 anticipated indie game ‘Little Devil Inside’ seems set for late 2022 release. A date hasn’t been officially announced but eagle-eyed fans spotted “winter 2022” on a PlayStation post.