‘Slitterhead’ “doesn’t fully enter the horror genre” says game’s director

A second part to the Q&A is coming in March

In a recent fan Q&A, Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama answered questions about his upcoming horror game Slitterhead.

The founders of Bokeh Game Studio came together to answer fan questions in a recent video. While the discussion doesn’t go too in-depth, some details were shared, including that Slitterhead may not be just a horror game.

The answers were given in Japanese, but subtitles provided alternate languages (as spotted by PCGamer).


“The game doesn’t fully enter the horror genre,” Toyama explained. “It spans over multiple genres where horror is expressed. From there, I wanted to widen the player base who could access the game, including players who don’t usually play horror games.

“I wanted a game that could be enjoyed for its action, yet whose concept doesn’t solely revolve around killing enemies. It conflicts the mind, making the players reluctant to enter certain fights. I want to achieve both action and drama with this game.”

CTO and game director Junya Okura added that the developers “want to focus on entertainment rather than plain horror. There is a terror aspect that I want to include, even if the game lays more towards action. There are some slow and fast moments as well. I’d like to include some horror elements in the slower parts, balancing with the frenzy action moments.”

Toyama also mentioned that he would be interested in doing more psychological horror games in the style of Silent Hill. However, the current team is talented at creating action, and so that’s the direction he wants to take with Slitterhead. He also added that he wants to make something more personal someday.

The second part of the Q&A will be released on March 4.


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