SNK says a trailer for ‘Metal Slug: Awakening’ on PlayStation is fake

"This news is fake, so please be careful what you read online"

SNK Global has denied reports of Metal Slug: Awakening coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, after a “fake” trailer was revealed.

Fans of the Metal Slug series were excited when a Twitter account shared what looked like a gameplay trailer of a game based on the Metal Slug series. The Twitter account bio referred to its efforts as “restoring classics to appetite old fans and new fans”, however at time of writing it has now been removed from Twitter shortly after SNK dubbed it “fake”.

Metal Slug: Awakening was announced by an unofficial account,” reads a tweet from SNK Global’s official Twitter account, which adds that “this news is fake, so please be careful what you read online.”


In recent times, we’ve also seen announcements regarding turn-based game Metal Slug Tactics too. Although there’s there’s no release date on the cards just yet for that one, fans will be relieved to know that at least it’s real.

The first new instalment to the Metal Slug franchise since Metal Slug XX in 2009, Metal Slug Tactics slows down the series’ usual run-and-gun gameplay to put a tactical spin on things. Though details are light at the moment, there will also be a “roguelike” element to add more replay factor to the game.

Elsewhere in gaming, an insurance company has said that VR-related claims have shot up by 31 per cent in 2021. One claim included a man who threw a controller at his TV when a zombie jumped at him in-game, whilst another says a child destroyed two “designer figures” when swiping at something in VR.

Also, Capcom has unveiled a countdown timer that will hopefully lead to a new Street Fighter announcement. The countdown ends on Sunday (February 20), which coincides with the company’s Street Fighter Pro Tour Season Final.

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