Someone has built a ‘Wordle’ bot to spoil the next day’s word

The Twitter account wants to "terminate Wordle bragging"

After a Wordle fan reverse-engineered the game to correctly predict the next word of the day, one user is using the cheat to ruin future words on Twitter.

Earlier in the month, software engineer Robert Reichel shared that he had reverse-engineered Wordle to find out what the free browser game’s word of the day will be the day before it’s live.

Full details can be found on Reichel’s blog. In short, Reichel discovered that the word of the day is embedded client-side, meaning anyone who wants to cheat can simply take a peek behind the curtain of the website to see what the mysterious word of the day is.


However, Reichel took that Wordle cheat one step further, and managed to work out what the next day’s word of the day will be before it goes live.

Unfortunately for fans, someone has used this knowledge for nefarious purposes and created an automated Twitter bot called “The Wordlinator” to ruin the next day’s word. You can see it in action here, but it’s worth noting that it may include spoilers.

Wordle. Credit: Alexi Rosenfield / Getty Images.

The account aims to “terminate Wordle bragging”, and appears to automatically reply to anyone who shares their successful Wordle results with a spoiler for the next day’s word of the day.

Many of these automated replies accuse users of “bragging” about their scores, while other replies say that people sharing their results are “spoiling Twitter for everyone”.

While the bot was initially suspended within 20 minutes of launching, it’s now back and seems to be busy ruining Wordle for plenty of Twitter users.


In brighter Wordle news, the developer of a five-year-old app sharing its name with Wordle has donated his surprise proceeds to a literacy charity. According to its creator, users were accidentally downloading the app whilst trying to find the Wordle that’s viral at the moment.

Elsewhere, Riot Games is suing a studio for making a Teamfight Tactics “knock-off”.

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