‘Sonic Heardle’ uses the hedgehog’s music history in the guessing game

Songs from "obscure sources" are on the way

A Sonic The Hedgehog version of Heardle – the musical version of Wordle – has been released by a fan. 

Called Sonic Heardle, the daily song guessing game can be found here (via Sonic Stadium). As expected, this version of the game gives players six attempts to guess a song from the 31-year history of the blue hedgehog.

Created by Twitter user Turquoise Coast, Sonic Heardle was released on April 16, and it uses remixed code from Joywave Heardle.


It appears as though Turquoise Coast will be continually adding songs to the game, as they tweeted earlier today: “Just added a whole bunch of songs to Sonic Heardle – I’ll be working on making one more adjustment for tonight.”

Some players have also been saying that the first few songs were too easy, to which Turquoise Coast said they would be introducing songs from some “obscure sources,” adding that players should “rest assured, they will get harder.”

Sonic Heardle isn’t the only recent and surprising fan project related to the character, as a Sega-approved Roblox game based around Sonic was released last week. Called Sonic Speed Simulator, the open-world multiplayer game features five levels to explore and races to participate in, as developer Gamefam Studios partnered with Sega on the project.

“In the game, players will be able to level up and gain speed by running through multiple unique worlds while racing against friends to earn rewards, including pets that can increase stats and Sonic character skins,” reads the press release. Sonic Speed Simulator will become free-to-play when it fully launches in the future.


In other news, an Elden Ring dataminer has discovered a cut quest and non-player character centred around dreams.

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