Sony has shipped 19.3million PS5s since the console launched

43.9million PS4 and PS5 first-party titles were sold last year

Sony has just published its financial results for 2021, revealing that PS5 sales have hit 19.3million since the console launched in 2020.

Despite setbacks surrounding hardware components brought about over the last two years, PS5 game and hardware sales remain strong. This is reflected in the supplemental information report for the company’s fourth quarter this year, which reveals that 43.9million first-party titles were sold in total over the last financial year.

Meanwhile, 14.5million first-party games were sold in the last quarter, which is almost double the first-party sales from the same period last year. No specific games were listed, by Sony notes that these were sales of both PS4 and PS5 games.


PS5 DualSense Create button
Image Credit: Sony

Sony also gives a breakdown of its PS Plus service elsewhere in the report. As of March 31, 2022, there were 47.4million PS Plus subscribers and 106million monthly active users, with both of these numbers slightly lower than the same time last year. This comes just before Sony will be offering an upgraded service for PS Plus, which will arrive on June 22, 2022 in Europe and will allow subscribers to choose between three main tiers.

The digital software ratio for the last year is sitting at 66 per cent, leaving it at around the same two out of three ratio from last year.

Quarter four of 2021 saw the release of Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 for Sony, and whilst there’s no specifics on the sales for these two games, it’s likely that they both contributed to the strong first party sales for the period. In our 4-star review of Horizon Forbidden West, we praised the big boss encounters and “vibrant world” of the game.

All of Sony’s 2021 financial year results can be found on the investor relations page here.


In other news, players spent over £810,000 on Call Of Duty: Mobile last year.