Spawn Together has raised $1million for disabled players

Truly an incredible achievement

Spawn Together, a fundraising event that aims to help raise money for The AbleGamers Charity, has successfully met its $1million (£721,000) goal.

The announcement was made by AbleGamers COO Steven Spohn via his Twitter account. “We have Spawned Together, all of us across the internet have come together and we have managed to raise a million dollars for people with disabilities who want to play games, just like everyone else,” said Spohn in the below video.

“This was just all spawned from wanting to do something good in a world that was having such a difficult year,” Spohn added.


The Spawn Together fundraiser started in March of this year, and Spohn wanted to raise the money before September 15 as a way to celebrate his 40th birthday to help the over 46 million players with disabilities in America.

AbleGamers “has been pushing the inclusive efforts of the industry forward by training and consulting studios while connecting them directly with players who can share their personal experiences,” according to the website.

This is just the first iteration of Spawn Together, Spohn told us, and he added we’ll know more about what’s next in the coming weeks. He also said, “I feel validated that people put their hard-earned dollars, sometimes five dollars at a time, into listening to my story and connecting with me personally whether that was someone giving their Starbucks money to the cause or that was somebody deciding to raise money during their stream for the cause.”

Donations can still be sent in to Spawn Together via the fundraiser on the Tiltify website, with a month still to go before the September deadline.


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