Speedrunners are making headway on the Google Doodle Olympics game

Several records have already been set

Doodle Champion Island Games has attracted its own community of speedrunners, with a joint record now being set at 11 seconds.

A Reddit community dedicated to speedrunning has produced three record-breaking runs of the various minigames in the new Google Doodle. These include three 11 second runs at the climbing game, and a nine-and-a-half-second run of the running game.

Google Doodle – Champion Island (9:30) from speedrun


Speedrunning is the practice of completing a game in the fastest time possible, sometimes using exploits or glitches to get there. The speedrunning community has come together over the Google Doodle, as the ability to play it is limited by the timeframe of the Olympic Games.

Those hoping to compete are taking on the individual games, mastering the controls, and recording their progress.

Google Doodle Champion Island, Climbing Game in 11 Seconds [World Record] from speedrun

The Google Doodle game was designed to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics, incorporating the sports themselves with the culture of host country Japan. The game consists of multiple sports-themed mini-games, interlaced with anime cutscenes created by Japanese animation company Studio 4°C.

As Lucky the calico, players arrive on an island celebrating a festival with a series of 16-bit-inspired sports-themed mini-games. There are seven in total, each based on real events in the Tokyo Olympics: table tennis, archery, skateboarding, climbing, rugby, artistic swimming, and marathon.

The European Speedrunner Assembly 2021 will be running until July 31 with a 24-hour programme of events. These events are designed to raise money for charity and can be watched over on Twitch.


It’s unlikely the Google Doodle will feature during the event, but there are plenty of interesting gameplay concepts such as a 70 star run of Super Mario FPS, a Zoolander run of Resident Evil in which the player cannot turn left or use the left key, and a speedrun race of Alien: Isolation between two players that involves the use of steering wheels.