‘Splitgate’ player creates own ‘CS:GO’ surf mode map

'CS:GO''s surf mode has made its way to 'Splitgate'... sort of.

One creative Splitgate player has managed to create their own version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘s surf mode map.

As reported by The Loadout, following the release of Splitgate‘s new map creator which was introduced in the Beta’s season one, Reddit user Dalyn-f has shared his own version of the popular surf map.

The video shows the Splitgate player standing in an empty arena while on a platform surrounded by different types of platforms similar to those seen in CS:GO‘s surf mode. The player then fires two opposite portals, and when they jump through, they manage to slide down the aligned platforms.

Finally. Surfing in splitgate. Made my first surf map. Been asking people since it came out and I can’t believe it works. So happy I can surf on console now. Hope the community can start building tons of surf maps. from Splitgate


The player seems to have used different types of metallic panels in order to make the surfing effect possible, just like one would see in CS:GO. Dalyn-f does use a jetpack to help maintain the position because, at the moment, there is no option to disable Splitgate‘s gravity in map creator mode.

“Sick. Now disable the jetpack, add some more portal spots, and make the floor lava,” said beefNoodles1047, a Splitgate developer.

Elsewhere, 1047 Games CEO Ian Proulx recently shared that the Splitgate team is “eyeing up” bringing the first-person shooter to Nintendo Switch, though can’t make any promises just yet.

“Right now we are careful not to compromise our core vision and promise to our existing community to grow Splitgate into the best game it can be,” Proulx explained. “But we need to balance the desire to grow our audience with doing right by our existing fans, so as we grow we’re eyeing those options but can’t promise anything just yet.”


In other news, Riot Games has revealed its plans for the Valorant Yoru rework as part of the Episode 4 Act 2 update.