Spotify hopes its ‘Roblox’ Island will “rival” real world events

"Platforms like 'Roblox' offer a look into the future of musical experiences for fans and artists alike"

Earlier this month, Spotify took its first step into the metaverse by partnering with Roblox to create the company’s first island and yesterday (May 24) it unveiled K-Park, a “homage to all things k-pop”.

An off-shoot of Spotify Island, the limited-time world will allow fans to interact with Stray Kids and Sunmi through signed digital merch and virtual meet and greets. K-Park also hosts a special K-Pop cafe “with special Korean treats like Dalgona Coffee, Patbingsu (Korean shaved ice with toppings) and Boong Uh Bbang (Korean fish-shaped bread) and allows players to make their own K-pop beats, powered by one of Spotify’s music creation tools, Soundtrap.


Speaking to NME, a spokesperson from Spotify explained that the reason it chose K-pop as their first genre focus on Spotify Island was because of its “widespread global appeal, dedicated fan following, and unique set of cultural elements that reach far beyond music. It’s a genre that starts with music but becomes a movement – encompassing an entire world of standom, fashion, community, and more.”

Speaking about the partnership with Roblox, Spotify said: “We’re always working to create interactive experiences that connect artists and fans in new, exciting ways. The interactive world of Spotify Island on Roblox will serve as a meeting place for fans and artists to play, explore, and connect – all with the goal of bringing artists and fans from all over the world closer together.”

Spotify went on to confirm that “net proceeds from digital sales on Roblox are distributed to the rights holders of the items,” offering artists an additional revenue stream.

The spokesperson added that K-Park is “just the start” of Spotify’s exploration of the metaverse, with conversations with “a variety of artists” currently taking place.

“The past few years have had a major impact on artist-fan interactions and the way that fans experience music altogether. Platforms like Roblox offer a look into the future of musical experiences for fans and artists alike,” said Spotify.


“As fans dive deeper into the metaverse, they’re looking for immersive, multi-dimensional experiences that rival – or even surpass – real world experiences. That means bringing together every form of digital content, and we know that music and audio will play a large role in that. We’re hopeful that Spotify Island on Roblox, and K-Park specifically, will help fans discover and engage with artists in a whole new way.”

Earlier this year, Roblox vice president and head of music Jon Vlassopulos told NME he believes some artists will be able to “launch and sustain successful careers virtually” without ever having to play real-life gigs.