Spotify release gaming stats and top genres for gamers

It wasn't just soundtracks this year

Spotify has released its statistics for 2020, showing some of the biggest trends among gamers.

Alongside their usual music fare, Spotify has upped its game over the years with the introduction of podcasts, multiple device support, and ‘roundups’. 2020 was a big year for the streaming site, as people worked from home and stayed in more often.

In their latest roundup, Spotify have revealed that streaming from games consoles went up 50 per cent this year compared to last. There was also a 47 per cent jump in gamers streaming between 6AM and 9AM.


Although streaming has increased across all demographics, Spotify’s head of culture and trends, Shannon Cook, told CNN that “Gaming seemed to be something that provided that feeling of connectivity, while also passing time at home.” She added that Spotify was now “thinking through how and what people want to listen to while they play”.

Video game music had its own moment, with the most popular soundtracks being Minecraft, Doom, and Death Stranding – but this was far from the top genre for gamers.

It was revealed that rap and trap music was the key genre for people streaming as they played. The top artists included Roddy Ricch, Lil Mosey, DaBaby, and Trevor Daniel.

Travis Scott was also one of the key artists, with streams rising by 207 per cent in April after his virtual Fortnite concert.

The virtual pop group created by League of Legends’ Riot Games, K/DA, also saw a rise in streams. Their 2020 album topped the Billboard charts and gave the band a 109 per cent boost on Spotify this year.

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