Square Enix outlines PC specific features for ‘Marvel’s Avengers’

High-resolutions, ultra-widescreen support and customisable options are amongst the exclusive features

Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics have released information on the PC specific features for Marvel’s Avengers and how systems will take advantage the game’s capabilities.

In a news post on the official Marvel’s Avengers site, the team outlined what PC players can expect in terms of graphical fidelity when the game launches next month (September).

PC players will be granted a optional 30GB high-resolution texture pack, that the developer stated will deliver “the richest, highest-detailed visuals throughout the game world. Forests will feel lusher, the tundra more frigid, and AIM facilities all the more sinister to really bring the experience to life.”


Marvel's Avengers
Marvel’s Avengers. Credit: Square Enix

Any PC owners with access to ultra-widescreen support or multiple monitors will be happy to know that ultra-wide resolutions and multi-monitor configurations will be available in Marvel’s Avengers.

The framerate also has the capability to be fully unlocked and will “support extremely responsive 144hz gameplay on capable systems,” according to the developer.

As for playstyles, there will be customisable mouse and keyboard options, as well as controller support that will allow players to use Marvel’s Avengers recommended controller configuration or the ability to fully customise the control scheme.

It isn’t just PC players who will receive exclusive features when the game launches. A recent leak seemingly suggested that Virgin and Verizon network customers will be eligible to a host of content, such as new character skins.


The developer also recently announced that PlayStation owners will be receiving Spider-Man as an exclusive post-launch character. Additionally, further inclusions will be incorporated to Marvel’s Avengers that are dedicated to the PlayStation brand, including unique community challenges and cosmetic items.