‘Stalker 2’ is selling an NFT to become the “first-ever metahuman”

Future drops “won’t influence the gameplay itself or give in-game advantages over other players”

GSC Game World has announced it will be selling an NFT that will enable one player to become the “first ever metahuman” in Stalker 2: Heart Of Chernobyl.

The auction, which takes place in January, will see players bidding on an NFT that’ll allow the owner to recreate their face as a ‘metahuman’ NPC in the Stalker 2 metaverse using photogrammetry. The NFT can then be bought and sold up until a claim date, which is yet to be confirmed.

A second drop will take place in February, though developers have promised that these NFTs “won’t influence the gameplay itself or give in-game advantages over other players”.


The items will then be tradeable ahead of the game’s launch, via DMarket, a platform for trading NFTs and technology for metaverse creation.

Ubisoft has faced considerable backlash from its own developers and audience for the launch of its NFT platform Quartz.

Speaking about the decision to include blockchain in Stalker 2, GSC Game World CEO Evgeniy Grygorovych told Wccftech that they see “no problem with adding an NFT into a single-player experience, as long as: the offer is fun and valuable, it’s optional and doesn’t affect the experience of others, and it doesn’t change the gameplay at all.”

Speaking about the backlash to other NFT offerings, Grygorovych said: “there is a certain tension towards blockchain and NFTs, because lots of things have been done improperly in the space.”

“We are taking this path as we would like to be amongst the first who will bring their community to a new digital era,” they continued. “We think it’s a really special offer to the community and a great opportunity to ‘make the NFT thing right’.”


Stalker 2, an open world first person shooter game made with Unreal Engine 5, is out April 28 2022 on PC and Xbox Series S|X.

Last week (December 9) Stalker 2 revealed a handful of stunning screenshots showcasing Unreal Engine 5.

Unfortunately, the high-end graphics of Stalker 2 appear to come at a price. Earlier in the month it was revealed that Stalker 2 will take up 180GB of storage on Xbox platforms, while GSC Game World recommends 150GB of SSD space for PC players.

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