‘Star Citizen”s latest exploit has players healing each other to death

The exploit makes use of syringe needles that are usually used for healing

Star Citizen reportedly has an exploit that can result in a needle-based PvP where players attack each other with healing syringes.

According to Reddit user xx-shalo-xx, the latest patch to the long-in-development space sim has added a new inventory and persistence mechanic, which means that players who die can now have their inventory looted by others.

Star Citizen now has needle based PvP where players go around OD-ing eachother. from TwoBestFriendsPlay


This may not seem like a big deal when spawning in the Star Citizen‘s starting areas, as PvP isn’t allowed in these “armistice zones”, but healing with syringes is. However, as healing too much can result in an overdose in-game and isn’t recognised as PvP, players have started taking advantage of this exploit.

“You can see where this is going. Players spot a geared guy and bum rush him and stab him full. The player then actually overdoses and dies and the gear is yours for the taking,” xx-shalo-xx explains.

Star Citizen. Credit: Roberts Space Industries

They add that players have begun to counter this meta by “pre-dosing” with anti-overdosing medicine as a precaution before entering the player hubs. “But even then if you get stabbed enough it’s lights out.”

It’s a bizarre development for a game that’s still yet to have a confirmed release date after being developed by Cloud Imperium Games for over a decade.

In that time, a single-player spin-off, Squadron 42, was also in the works, which was set to originally release in 2014 only to have its recent delay announced in December 2020, as game director Chris Roberts said it will not be rushed “just to make a date”.


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