‘Star Citizen’ reaches almost £300million in funding

Funds have come from just 3.3million backers

Cloud Imperium Games’ backer funded Star Citizen has almost hit £300million (over $400million USD) in funding.

Star Citizen is entirely backer funded, with income coming from those who purchase subscriptions, space ships, and starter packs. The total amount earned to date is shown on the game’s webpage and has just passed the £298million mark ($400million USD). The total figure comes from just 3.3million backers, which implies an average of £90 per backer ($121 USD).

The latest surge of players comes from a new free-to-play trial that started on November 19, with the free period lasting until December 1. Interested pilots can sign up at Star Citizen’s sign up page. During the trial period, players will be able to test drive over 120 ships.


Star Citizen also revealed several new ships during its Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. One of these is the Aegis Redeemer. This heavily armed gunship is equipped to survive high-danger encounters. Another pair of ships are the Ion and Inferno variants of the Ares Starfighter. The Ion version is best suited for longer-range combat, while the Inferno is better in tight spaces and close ship to ship battles.

Star Citizen
Star Citizen. Credit: Cloud Imperium Games

Cloud Imperium Games has also revealed it has plans to open a large studio in Manchester. The new location will house a team of up to 1,000 employees and will replace their current studio in Wilmslow. Currently, the Star Citizen team comprises 400 staff. However, the team is expected to expand to 700 people by 2023.

“The company is committed to game development in the UK and is invested in growing its Manchester studio to serve as a pivotal team for its large-scale game plans,” said Cloud Imperium Games in an official statement.

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