‘Star Fox’ co-programmer would like to work on a back to basics version

"I wouldn't try and replicate the polygons from the FX chip, I don't see the point"

Giles Goddard, the co-programmer of the original Star Fox for the SNES has said he would like to work on a game in the series.

One of the original programmers at Argonaut Software, co-developers of Nintendo‘s Star Fox, Goddard said that it would be “Interesting to do a Star Fox, I think” in an interview with GameXplain.

Goddard went on to say that he wouldn’t not want to do a sequel “how the other ones were done” and would instead want to “just bring it back, pull it back into what made the original Star Fox fun, and just make one based on that. I don’t know how popular it would be, but it would be cool to try.”


When asked if would consider making a game in the retro style, Goddard responded “No. If we did do it, it’d have to be a new either extremely stylised retro look, or a very update or modern looking.”

He continued: “I wouldn’t try and replicate the polygons from the FX chip, I don’t see the point. We got over that, we fixed that problem, you don’t want to go back.”

Goddard references the Super FX chip that Argonaut Software helped design, which allowed the 16-bit SNES console to emulate 3D polygons, making it the first 3D graphics accelerator available in a commercial product.

In other news, Konami’s retro run and gun series are getting a brand new entry, with a brand new mobile game called Contra Returns, planned for on July 26.