Star Guardians DMCA-friendly ‘Sessions’ album released by Riot Games

The 'League Of Legends' album features 29 creator-friendly tracks

Riot Games has released the third album in its ‘Sessions’ series, with every song free to use by players and content creators.

Available today (July 11), ‘Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah’ covers a range of genres and is a creator-safe set of tracks.

“‘Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah’ explores the identity of choice Star Guardian champions through a musical journey with the intent of creating deeper connections between players and these characters,” explain Riot Games.


“Instead of larger existential threats, we want to dive into their relatable, day-to-day struggles, touching on themes of identity, maturing and the weight of newfound responsibility.”

Check out the announcement video for the album below.

In the League Of Legends mythos, Star Guardian follows a group of high school students that battle cosmic enemies as cosmic protectors, and the incredibly popular subset of the Riot Games franchise even has an event taking place this month.

Starting on July 14, League Of Legends, Wild Rift and Legends Of Runeterra will all get new Star Guardian skins, with new universe lore coming in a number of updates too. This will be the most recent release of Star Guardian skins since 2020.

‘Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah’ is the third Riot Games creator-friendly album, with each being emblematic of the character or theme it aims to reflect, whilst offering creators a number of tracks that differ in tone and genre.


The point of these albums is to give creators music they can use that won’t result in major copyright issues, as Riot Games said: “This music offers an unprecedented level of access/free use to our creators, and while we can’t solve DMCA, we can make dealing with it easier.”

In other news, job listings for a single-player game in the Apex Legends universe have been spotted online.

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