‘Star Ocean The Divine Force’ is coming to PlayStation in 2022

With a choice of a sci-fi focused or fantasy focused story to follow

Star Ocean The Divine Force has been announced as part of Sony‘s State of Play broadcast last night.

The latest instalment in the popular JRPG franchise, Star Ocean The Divine Force will be released in 2022 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It’s the work of developer Tri-Ace, as has been the case with all previous Star Ocean games.

In a statement by the publisher, Square Enix, Star Ocean The Divine Force has been described as a game that “blends sci-fi and fantasy, a rich lineup of characters and side stories, a battle system delivering exhilarating combat with easy controls, and more.” The franchise’s previous five mainline games offered a similar experience since the first one was released back in 1996.


Square Enix continued by explaining that the story will change based on choices made, with heroes intersecting between the two worlds of sci-fi and fantasy.

There will be the freedom to fly around the environment with three-dimensional traversal and exploration. That means everything in-sight is a “field for adventure” which seems to hint that random battles won’t be so random, as you will be able to see the enemies on screen ahead of you. Square Enix also promises there will be “greater freedom” for players in “their approach in both battles and their adventures”.

Star Ocean The Divine Force.
Star Ocean The Divine Force. Credit: Square Enix.

Like other Star Ocean games before it, Star Ocean The Divine Force will have a “double hero” system which means the story will unfold from the perspective of each hero. One – Raymond – will be from an advanced civilisation encompassing the sci-fi angle of the game while the fantasy angle will come from Laeticia who is based in an underdeveloped planet. There will be plenty of other playable characters too.

There’s no set date for release just yet but Star Ocean The Divine Force is expected to be out some time in 2022.


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