‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ gets the ‘Doom’ treatment with new mod

DoomFront is available to download now

A brand new Star Wars Battlefront II mod turns the 2017 shooter into a Doom game.

DoomFront, which was created by bk2modder, is a new Star Wars Battlefront II mod that changes up the art style of the 2017 shooter and introduces the classic Doom aesthetic instead, as spotted by PCGamesN.

As the description reads, “DoomFront is an era mod that brings Marines and Demons inspired by the classic Doom games as well as the 2016 reboot of the series into the gameplay style of Battlefront II.”


With this mod installed, you can play as the Marines or Demons in locations based on Doom, including supported maps E1M1 and Mars: Landing Zone. Right now, the mod also includes Team Deathmatch game mode while Conquest lets you battle to secure zones.

You can check out the DoomFront gameplay below:

The modder has plans to “slowly roll out more content for the mod” including additional units, maps as well as some “heroes” that may make their debut.

DoomFront is available to download now and has already received positive feedback in the comments of the mod page, with some saying that it’s an “impressive” new addition.

Earlier this month (October 11), a Doom 2 mod was released that allowed you to turn the FPS into a third-person beat-’em-up. The Doom Fighters mod removes the camera from Doomguy’s chest and places it behind him so that you can watch as he sends enemies flying with hard punches.


In other news, Ubisoft has revealed the Rainbow Six Extraction release date.

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