‘StarCraft II’ devs open new studio to work on “next great” RTS game

Blizzard Entertainment is reportedly no longer interested in the genre

Blizzard Entertainment might have ended content production for StarCraft II, but a number of the game’s developers have banded together to open a new studio focused on PC real-time strategy games.

On Tuesday (October 20), Frost Giant Studios announced its launch on Twitter, unveiling a team that comprises several former StarCraft II, Warcraft III and Diablo IV employees. They include CEO Tim Morten (former production director of StarCraft II), president Tim Campbell (former lead campaign designer for Warcraft III) and art director Jesse Brophy (former principal artist on Diablo IV).

Check out its tweet below.


According to the company’s official website, its “mission” is to “build the next great PC real-time strategy game”. Frost Giant Studios has so far raised US$4.7million – one notable investor is League Of Legends developer Riot Games – which will be used “to begin building a prototype for gameplay, conduct consumer research and expand operations”, per Gamesindustry.biz.

“Real-time strategy players are an incredibly passionate community, and they deserve not just a great new game, but one they can share broadly with friends,” Morten told the publication. “Building a worthy successor will take time, but we’re incredibly excited and grateful to carry real-time strategy forward at Frost Giant Studios.”

Starcraft II
Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Soon after Frost Giant Studios announced its launch, video game journalist Jason Schreier reported that in the past few years, there had been attempts “to get new RTS games greenlit” at Blizzard Entertainment.

However, he claimed that the ideas were shot down as games from the genre are unlikely to make “enough money” for parent company Activision Blizzard. Schreier added that “it’s sadly no surprise to see a bunch of devs who love the genre starting their own company”.


The last RTS game released by Blizzard Entertainment was 2010’s StarCraft II. Since then, the studio has released titles such as action RPG Diablo III, digital CCG Hearthstone and multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch.

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