‘Starfield’ and ‘Redfall’ delayed into 2023 by Bethesda

Both titles will now release in the first half of next year

Bethesda has delayed the release dates of both Starfield and Redfall into the “first half of 2023”.

In a Twitter post shared today (May 12), Bethesda says both Bethesda Game Studios and Arkane Austin have “incredible ambitions for their games”, but that they want to give players “the best, most polished versions of them”.

Neither Redfall nor Starfield currently have specific release dates, with their launch windows now the first six months of 2023.


Bethesda adds that gameplay deep dives will be coming for the two games “soon”, although again no specific dates were given. These gameplay reveals could come during next month’s Xbox and Bethesda showcase, which will air on June 12.

Starfield was originally set to launch on November 11 this year, meaning the game could be delayed by up to seven months at most. Redfall was originally coming out during the summer of this year, which would have seen it release between June and September.

Redfall is being developed by Arkane Austin, which will see the town of Redfall invaded by vampiric forces. Players can either take them on solo or with up to three others in the open-world first-person shooter title.

Credit: Bethesda

Meanwhile, Starfield is another massive RPG in the works at Bethesda, with the developer also hinting last month that players will be able to explore space itself in the game.


Audio director Mark Lampert said: “The music is the companion to the player in the single player game,” and that in creating it, “our sense of scale had to be totally readjusted.”

“Making a game on a planetary surface as we have done before (they now) have these very vast distances against this black, starry background,” Lampert added.

In other news, Doom game designer John Romero is going to release a memoir detailing his entire life next year.

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