‘Starfield’ director Todd Howard says main story will be 30-40 hours long

Howard shared that the main story of 'Starfield' may be "20 per cent [longer]" than the stories of previous Bethesda games

Starfield director Todd Howard has shared that Starfield‘s main story is “ending up a bit longer” than Bethesda‘s previous games, and players can expect it to take around 30-40 hours to complete.

Speaking to IGN, Howard said that currently, Starfield‘s main story is “ending up a little bit longer [than previous Bethesda games] and we may tune that some still […] it’s more quests, so it might be 20 per cent more than our previous ones.”

Howard added that although mileage will vary between players, the hours it will take to complete Starfield‘s main story “might be in the 30s, maybe 40”.


During last week’s Xbox and Bethesda showcase, details on Starfield‘s main story were kept vague – but it will involve joining a group of explorers looking to answer the universe’s mysteries and explore the origins of an alien artifact.

Footage debuted by Howard on Sunday (June 12) also revealed that Starfield will offer Bethesda’s “most flexible character creation yet“, and players will be able to build and customise their own space ship.

Toward the end of the event, Howard also revealed that players will be able to visit and explore over 1000 planets.

After the showcase, Bethesda announced that the protagonist in Starfield will be silent, a departure from the company’s choice to add voice acting to Fallout 4‘s main character.

Starfield creatures
Starfield. Credit: Bethesda.


Besides Starfield, Howard has been looking a little further ahead into Bethesda’s future and has shared that Fallout 5 will be released after The Elder Scrolls 6 launches.

This means that Fallout fans could have awhile to wait before getting their hands on another game, as The Elder Scrolls 6 is still in pre-production.

“They do take a while, I wish they came out faster, I really do, we’re trying as hard as we can, but we want them to be as best as they can be for everybody,” said Howard.