‘Starmancer’ trailer offers players the chance to control their own rogue A.I.

I'm afraid I can't let you do that, random NPC

Ominux Games has announced Starmancer, a game that will allow you to control a space station A.I. in whichever way you see fit.

The two-person team at Ominux Games revealed their first game, Starmancer, during the PC Gaming Show last night (June 13).


In Starmancer, players will control a vast A.I. entrusted with the lives of thousands of colonists. Tasked with creating a space station that takes care of these lives, how those orders are interpreted is up to the players. The official description taken from the Steam page reads:

“Obey protocol or go rogue as you take on the role of a powerful A.I. in Starmancer. Build bustling space ports, secret laboratories, and incubators for mysterious eggs. Defend against starvation, sabotage, and space zombies. Don’t worry, you can always grow more humans.”

As well as ensuring that the space station has power and water, the player will be able to customise their station with a variety of different walling, furniture, and paintings.

The Steam page suggests players will deal with “gameplay with consequences, a living sandbox environment, crafting, and managing the daily lives of colonists”.

Colonists will face a variety of occupational hazards that range from alien invasions to crazy colonists and outright mutiny. To keep colonists working, players can keep them happy or “make an example out of rebels and stamp out any hint of resistance”.

Colonists will also remember how they have been treated in the past, making for potentially awkward situations further down the line.


Starmancer will launch on Steam and currently has a planned release date of August 5.

The game is being published by Chucklefish, a company responsible for publishing popular games such as Stardew Valley and Risk of Rain 2.

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