Steam Deck delay is allowing ‘Terraria’ devs to improve the game

Letting it grow

Developer Re-Logic is making the most of the recent delay to Valve’s much-anticipated handheld gaming PC Steam Deck, by using the extra time to ensure its sandbox game Terraria is perfectly polished for the new hardware platform.

Steam Deck was originally planned to launch in December 2021, but due to the global shortage of computing components – and, likely, the unexpectedly yet somehow entirely predictably high demand for the hardware – it was delayed until early 2022.

With consoles now not expected to reach players until February 2022 at the earliest, Re-Logic has penned an update on its Steam Blog (as spotted by PCGamesN) detailing how the studio is making use of the delay.


“We are going to gratefully take the extra time allowed by the recent Steam Deck launch delays to take our Deck optimizations a bit further,” the studio says. “More on that later, once we get a bit further clear from the 1.4.3 launch/fixes!”

Re-Logic has also been busy finalising Terraria’s crossover with fellow indie darling Don’t Starve, which is available now. The event sees mechanics, features, and bosses from Klei’s survival game translated into Terraria’s world, along with new lighting and shaders that evoke the Tim Burton-esque world of Don’t Starve. There will also be new items to find, inspired by the latter game.

For players eager to play Terraria on the go though – or those who weren’t lucky enough to secure a Steam Deck when it went up for pre-order – the ‘Journey’s End’ version of the game is coming to Nintendo Switch in January 2022. Initially released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2020, the update added a significant amount of items and enemies to the game, along with additional difficulty modes and gameplay features.

Elsewhere, Starfield has received its first behind-the-scenes dev diary, while Guild Wars 2 players can get an early test drive of giant Siege Turtle mounts in a beta for the upcoming End of Dragons expansion.

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