Steam now supports Joy-Con controllers on PC

Now all official Nintendo Switch controllers are supported on Steam

Steam has implemented official support for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers.

In a recent small update released by Steam for the client beta, support for Joy-Cons was added and support for Nintendo’s more classic controllers was improved.

The update will have multiple configurations, allowing the player to use one individual Joy-Con as a mini-gamepad or combine them both as a regular controller, just like with the Nintendo Switch.


The addition of Joy-Cons means Steam now supports the majority of Switch-compatible controllers, as support for the pro controller was first introduced a few years ago. Support for the Nintendo classic controllers was also introduced in an update last month, with the inner workings also being improved in this update as well.

Nintendo Switch OLED
Nintendo Switch OLED. Credit: Chris Barraclough.

As Joy-Cons are exclusively wireless, your PC will need to have Bluetooth functionality for the Joy-Cons to connect to. This can be done with either a USB adapter or through a motherboard with preexisting Bluetooth capabilities.

Since this update was for the client beta, users will need to opt into it to use Joy-Cons on the platform. This can be done in Steam’s account settings under the “Beta Participation” tab.

Steam was recently blocked in Indonesia along with several other applications due to the company’s failure to register with new regulations in a timely manner. The application and storefront were then unblocked once Steam began to comply with the relevant Indonesian communications ministry.

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