Steam reports an increase in Quest 2 users over Christmas

Nearly 40 per cent of connected headsets are the Quest 2

The latest Steam hardware survey shows a jump in the number of Quest 2 headsets that connected to the service over the Christmas period.

Steam offers users the option to participate in a hardware survey, released every month, that details the breakdown of what players are using to run their games. In December, 36.32 per cent of Steam users had an Oculus Quest 2 headset connected to the service. In January 2022, this number jumped to 39.62 per cent.

Developer reports suggest that many Quest 2 headsets were purchased over the Christmas 2021 period. The Oculus app, which is required to set up the Quest 2 headset, became the most popular app on the Apple App Store, overtaking social media apps such as TikTok and YouTube.


Shawn Whiting, head of influencers and partners at Rec Room, a platform for creating, sharing, and playing VR content, also tweeted on December 27, saying, “Wanted to add some Rec Room numbers to all the VR excitement. We’ve seen over 1 million VR players log into Rec Room since Christmas day. It took us about 60 hours to hit that number.”

Rumours recently emerged that the next Meta – formerly Oculus – headset would be made by Goertek. The Chinese manufacturer is supposedly working on both the next Meta and PlayStation VR headsets, and is expected to supply components for Apple’s long-rumoured mixed reality (meaning it would blend both augmented reality and virtual reality) head-mounted display. While no further details were shared about the headsets, it appears that they could share some common components.

In other news, Iratus: Lord of the Dead is free for a limited time on GOG. The game features several monsters that form an army of the dead for players to command in turn-based tactical combat. Upgrades can be made using the flesh of dead opponents.