Steam UI gets a visual overhaul and is available in new beta

The update also includes support for more Xbox Series X controllers

Valve has launched a new client beta for Steam, and with it a new visual redesign for its UI that looks better and more useful.

A full list of changes to the Steam client beta were posted on the Steam Community page. However, it’s the Steam client’s UI that has received the most significant update, with “a minimal and more focused design with stronger CTAs (Calls to Action)”.

While subtle, these changes make a more visually clearer and therefore more accessible client, such as having the game’s key art or logo featured in the header for whichever game is actively downloading.


When a game or update is actively downloading, it will now display the total progression completed for the download or update. This is a change from the previous version where the progress bar would only display the downloading content progress but not the disk allocation process which would make an update to appear completed when it was not.

There are also more colour palette options available for users with visual impairments. Users will also be able to drag and drop the download queue into a preferred order.

The new update also allows for support of more Xbox Series X controllers, including third party controllers like the ltest PowerA controllers.

Steam users who wish to preview the new change can opt-in to the beta program in the settings menu of their Steam client for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Elsewhere, a Windows icon spotted by fans hints that Destiny 2 paid expansions may be coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC in the next update.

Bungie is also gearing up for crossplay in Destiny 2, although it has warned players that some Guardians may lose their username in the process: “Think carefully about what name you’d like to rock in Destiny 2 sooner rather than later, as we don’t want you to be stuck with a handle you’re not overly fond of.”