‘Steelrising’ gameplay shows off a Soulslike set in an alternate 1789 Paris

The game will release this September

A new gameplay video has been shown off for Steelrising, a Soulslike action-RPG set to release this September.

Developed by Spiders, Steelrising has had a five minute gameplay video released today (April 15) ahead of its September 8 release date.

This Soulslike adopts a semi-historical approach, as the player takes control of an automaton called Aegis during the French revolution. The last king of France Louis XVI is using a mechanical army to suppress the people, and its up to Aegis to change the course of history.


In the video, Aegis can be seen taking on the Bishop of the Cité boss, a steampunk-looking robot that moves around via a giant ball under its torso. Dodges, short and long range attacks, and jumping attacks are employed to take the boss down.

The YouTube video’s description reads: “Engage in ruthless and intense fights against technological marvels that are as complex as they are unforgiving. Your nerves and skills will be tested to their limits at every moment spent battling these relentless enemies and epic bosses.

“Delve into an enthralling alternate history filled with formidable mechanical enemies and potential allies with questionable motives. You are the only one you can count on to untangle the knots of history and ensure the Revolution succeeds!”

Steelrising. Credit: Spiders

The development team at Spiders is also responsible for 2016’s The Technomancer and 2019’s GreedfallSteelrising was also shown off at The Game Awards in December of last year.


Steelrising will be released on September 8 on PC, via Steam and GOG and PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The game can be wishlisted on Steam here.

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