Strange Scaffold moves into publishing with roguelite ‘Purgatory Dungeoneer’

"I will reach God himself through a strategy of unpredictable diversification," said Strange Scaffold director Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Strange Scaffold – creator of El Paso, Everywhere and Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator – has announced that it will begin publishing games, starting with a roguelite RPG called Purgatory Dungeoneer.

Created by indie developer Damien Crawford, Strange Scaffold says that Purgatory Dungeoneer‘s full title – My Grandpa Died And All He Left Me Was This 1 Dungeon In Purgatory Filled With Nihilistic Adventurers – will continue the studio’s “monopoly on dangerously long game names.”

Purgatory Dungeoneer is a town-building roguelite RPG which tasks the player with “plundering a psychic hellmaw for personal closure”. Set to launch on Steam and in the third quarter of 2022, players will take control of a supernatural medieval village and form parties of retired adventurers to raid the “hellmaw” for resources.


The game will feature over 400 possible residents that players can recruit, as well as more than 100 classes and over 1000 skills for adventurers to utilise.

You can watch a trailer for Purgatory Dungeoneer below:

On the decision to move into publishing, Strange Scaffold director Xalavier Nelson Jr. shared the following:

“I think of myself as a helicopter, and behind me is Death, flying a MIG-21. He sends a barrage of heat-seeking missiles towards my vulnerable chassis, and every project I take on is chaff sent into the air, delaying my demise in the face of the grave’s fury. I will reach God himself through a strategy of unpredictable diversification and expertly-executed airborne manoeuvres and it is with this hope that I approach every day as a bright and brilliant opportunity to make my little slice of this Earth a better place before boldly knocking at Heaven’s door when my work is done.”


Last year, NME spoke to Nelson about his aim to create a “better, faster, cheaper, and healthier” way to develop games.