‘Stray’ modders are adding their own cats into the game

Visual mods change the appearance of the main cat character

Stray has caused a stir on social media, with cat lovers showing their adoration for the cyberpunk-esque feline adventure game online since its launch, and now modders have begun to alter the in-game cat to resemble their own pets.

After video clips began to surface on a dedicated Twitter page for cats watching Stray, the internet has taken hold of the game and run with many mod possibilities. As the fascination continues, modders are now altering the appearance of the feline protagonist to resemble their own furry friends.

Appearing all over popular modding site Nexus Mods, differing appearances are being uploaded which provide purely visual alterations to the game in order for players to feel as though their own pets are in-game.


Modder Narwhix has added his own Calico cat, Sunny, whilst user Hacktix’s white and brown short-hair, Jessy, has also been made available to play in-game. Larame’s auburn and white coated cat, Dio, was one of the first visual alterations to be spotted on Twitter.

Other fans of the game have been experimenting with differing cat breeds, with Hawkeiros allowing players to use the image of their own cat, Peppermint the Bougie Kitty, in a mod that changes the appearance of the in-game cat from a furry ginger to a hairless Sphynx. Unfortunately, the way the game handles cat eyes makes it impossible to give Peppermint’s blue eyes, meaning she isn’t quite true to her real-life form.

For players without cats of their own, Crubino has created a very cartoon-like Garfield, bringing the lasagna-loving goofball to Stray in a very believable fashion.

For those who like Stray but don’t like cats at all, you can also play as a slightly terrifying version of CJ, the protagonist from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

In other news, a child’s finger has been broken by a chess-playing robot during a game at the Moscow Chess Open.

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