‘Street Fighter 6’’s music is “heavily influenced” by hip-hop

Capcom wants to honour previous entries whilst pushing forward

Capcom has talked about some of the musical influences in its upcoming fighting game Street Fighter 6 – with hip-hop being a big one.

With the next iteration of Street Fighter set for release in 2023, developers on the game have been talking about its development and influences, with producer Shuhei Matsumoto and lead composer Yoshiya Terayama talking about the musical and cultural influences on the game (via Spin).

“First of all, Street Fighter 6 is very respectful of past works, such as the original Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2,” said Matsumoto. “We are taking on new challenges while honouring that foundation. Also, you can definitely expect hip-hop. We put a lot of effort into how it sounds.”


These comments were then reinforced by composer Terayama, who talked about how Capcom wants to move the sound of the franchise forward.

Street Fighter 6
‘Street Fighter 6’ CREDIT: Capcom

“The music of Street Fighter 6 is heavily influenced by hip-hop culture. It respects and blends the melodious game music that has been passed down through the series with the various musical elements derived from hip-hop culture,” explained Terayama.

Terayama then added that “Street Fighter 6 is intended to be unique in that it is in the lineage of the Street Fighter series while also representing a new generation for the series. World Tour [Street Fighter 6’s single-player story mode] features Metro City, which includes elements that will please fans of the Final Fight series.”

New fighter Kimberly was also revealed recently for Street Fighter 6. The new character has spray cans, a portable cassette player and utilises traditional ninja techniques.

“A couple good examples of how Street Fighter has shown its hip-hop influences are the graffiti in the intro cinematic in the original Street Fighter as well as the hip-hop sounds of Street Fighter 3,” added Matsumoto. “After all, “Street” is in the title [laughs]. Graffiti, dance, rap, and DJ sounds — I want to include all four of these major elements firmly in Street Fighter 6.”


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