Sucker Punch had to make the loading times longer in ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’

Originally the load times were a lot shorter

Ghost Of Tsushima boasts snappy loading times, however they were reportedly so fast that the developers had to lengthen them to allow time for players to read on-screen tips.

Despite being a massive open-world game that pushes the benchmark for graphics on the PS4, users are reporting that load times are lasting only a few seconds, which is longer than they would have initially been.

According to an interview by Kotaku with Sucker Punch’s lead engine programmer Adrian Bentley, a late decision on the project determined that the team would ensure that loading screens were artificially extended to be longer than “a fraction of a second” to ensure players were able to read on-screen hints during the loading menus.


Ghost Of Tsushima Sucker Punch Sony
Ghost Of Tsushima. Credit: Sucker Punch

The process behind Sucker Punch’s ability to create speedy loading times in Ghost Of Tsushima was detailed by Bentley. “When you die, we only need [to] re-run this quick ‘spawn’ process with most of the data already loaded,” Bentley explains. “In contrast, many other engines use serialization-based approaches, which require reloading a substantial amount of data to run again.”

Much of the loading within Ghost Of Tsushima is hidden from the player. Bentley mentioned that one way the world was rendered was by placing “loading times behind prerecorded movies that rendered in-engine, a technique Sucker Punch has utilized since the early inFamous games.”

While many would believe that the loading times are due to new technology, Bentley reassured that this is not, in fact, the case and is purely down to “hard work of the team”.

Ghost Of Tsushima released today (July 17) and NME scored the game 4 stars, complimenting the gameplay, however criticising the lacklustre storyline stating that it “offers a forgettable, stoic narrative with few interesting characters.”