‘Super Mario Strikers’ dataminer finds unused “Mario style” human models

Further proof that Mario is human

A recent datamine of the original Super Mario Strikers has revealed that the game may once have had a team of “generic Mario style humans” at one point.

Twitter user and self-described “Accidental Mario historian” Dogon McBanana recently wrote a thread detailing some of his findings in a recent datamine of Super Mario Stirkers, originally released on the GameCube. The biggest thing that McBanana found was the fact that it seems the game has a number of unused Mario-like humans modelled in the game.

“Was digging through the game’s files on a whim, and evidently the final build of Super Mario Strikers on Gamecube just has an entire team’s worth of generic Mario style humans and a whole bunch of other unused stuff that I’ve never seen anybody talk about,” McBanana starts the thread.


The initial tweet is paired with a series of images of four Mario-like humans in various stages of completion. While none of them have eyes, they all have very similar noses to Mario, but with different styles of hats.

According to McBanana, it seems that Super Mario Strikers was at one point going to have each captain having their own team of sidekicks. Donkey Kong would have had a team of other Kong-like characters, and Luigi has a duplicate of himself as a sidekick, but McBanana points out this is likely a placeholder.

The Super Mario Strikers datamine also shows a model of Dull Bones from the Paper Mario series, the first time it would have appeared in 3D. There’s also a model of a Shy Guy operating a camera, which would have been Shy Guy’s only appearance in the series had he not been cut.

Nintendo recently announced a new Super Mario Strikers at its most recent Nintendo Direct, Mario Strikers: Battle League. This new Mario football game will let players special abilities and items, and customise gear to get different stats for each character.


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