Super Nintendo World to open at Universal Studios Japan in February

The park's AR Mario Kart roller coaster is its star attraction

Universal Studios Japan have announced that Super Nintendo World will officially open on February 4.

The theme park has been designed in conjunction with Nintendo, and features several rides and attractions based on their most popular games. The star of the show is a Mario Kart roller coaster, which takes place inside Bower’s Castle.

The roller coaster uses a mixture of physical elements, such as the kart, track, and architecture, and AR goggles. These allow visitors to experience the traditional Mario Kart power ups, like the banana skills or mushroom boosts.


Super Nintendo World will become part of the Osaka Universal Studios park, where a Nintendo cafe and gift shop already exists.

As well as the Mario Kart ride, Universal have revealed Yoshi’s Adventure, themed after Mario’s companion Yoshi and his various spin off games. The park, which cost $580million (£436million) to build, sees guests enter through a Mario warp pipe, arriving at Peach’s Castle.

Initially, Super Nintendo World was expected to open in Summer, but was pushed back due to the pandemic. At the time of the delay, Universal Studios announced the opening day would be in Spring 2021. With this announcement, it appears to be ahead of schedule.

However, Osaka is one of the worst hit cities in Japan, with coronavirus cases rising again. Japan’s Universal Studios is currently operating at 50% capacity, to help with distancing during the pandemic and to cope with staff absences.


The pandemic has already damaged several entertainment industries dependent on foot traffic. Walt Disney World has cut 4,000 jobs due to the coronavirus, while Sega Sammy has been forced to sell off its arcade branch.

It may yet be that another delay is on the cards. However, Nintendo fans will get to visit the Mushroom Kingdom sooner rather than later.

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