‘Tactical Breach Wizards’ introduces new character with a chaotic trailer

"How good are you at dodging ghost cars filled with angry skeletons?"

During the PC Gaming Show 2022, developer Suspicious Developments revealed an in-depth look at Tactical Breach Wizards: a turn-based game that blends gunfights with sorcery.

The latest trailer for Tactical Breach Wizards was shared today (June 12) and Suspicious Developments notes that it includes a first look at the turn-based game’s outfits menu, a new region, and a world-spanning conspiracy map. The trailer also revealed one new region and premiered the game’s soundtrack, which has been composed by Robert Arzola.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Suspicious Developments’ upcoming game, Tactical Breach WizardsSteam page shares that it is “a small-scale, turn-based tactics game where you play a team of wizards in modern-day tactical gear, breaching and clearing rooms full of armed hostiles by making clever use of interesting spells.”


Combat lets players utilise a mix of modern-day weapons and creative magic, which today’s trailer demonstrates with a violent spell that uses “ghost cars filled with angry skeletons” to clear a room.

“Right now, combat is about finding clever ways to use your spells to smash your enemies into walls, knock them through windows, or trick them into shooting each other. They’re mostly fighting back with guns and grenades, though as the game progresses you’ll probably come up against enemy magic users too,” adds the game’s Steam page.

It’s another genre-hopping entry in Suspicious Development’s line-up, with previous games from the studio including the puzzle-stealth ’em up Gunpoint and the Han Solo simulator Heat Signature. 

While it doesn’t have a release date confirmed just yet, fans can sign up for a playtest via Steam.

Between the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase and Summer Game Fest 2022, it’s been a very busy week for game announcements. To catch up on anything you may have missed, visit our Summer Of Games 2022 roundup here.

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