Take-Two Interactive plans to release 93 games over the next five years

47 of them come from existing franchises

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of studios such as Rockstar Games and 2K Games, has announced that it is planning to release 93 games over the course of the next five years.

Announced during an investor call, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said the upcoming five-year plan is the “strongest development pipeline in its history, including sequels from our biggest franchises as well as exciting new IP”.

Take-Two’s upcoming release schedule will feature games from all of its studios, although no specific titles were revealed. The company also noted that its current fiscal year, ending in March 2021, will be light on releases, but it expects to release an “array of titles” in Fiscal 2022.


When asked if a new installment in Grand Theft Auto franchise would be one of the titles planned for release by the end of 2025, Zelnick said that “we don’t talk about specific new titles at these calls, we leave those discussions to the labels.”

Take-Two president Karl Slatoff broke down the nature of its planned 93 games. 63 of these titles would be core experiences, 17 would be mid-core titles, and 13 would be considered casual games. 67 of these titles would be paid games, while 26 would be free-to-play.

47 of the total 93 planned games would come from existing franchises, while the remaining 46 would be new IP. 72 of these games are planned for some combination of console, PC and/or streaming, and 21 would be specifically for mobile.

Slatoff also confirmed that its current schedule is not concrete, with the possibility of some games being delayed or cancelled, while new projects could also be added into its calendar throughout the coming months or years.

Later in the call, Slatoff clarified that these would be full game releases, and these numbers did not account for add-on or DLC content.


In other news, 2K Games officially announced Mafia: Trilogy, which includes a remake of the first Mafia game, as well as remasters of Mafia II and Mafia III. The latter two are available now, while the remake of Mafia will launch on August 28 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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