Techland is resurrecting ‘Hellraid’ as a DLC for ‘Dying Light’

‘Hellraid’ was first announced in 2013 but was never released

Techland has announced a new DLC for Dying Light, based on the developer’s cancelled 2015 game, Hellraid.

Hellraid will be a “completely fresh Dying Light experience” where players will be “literally hacking through demonic hordes of Hell”, according to the game’s official website. The paid DLC will also expand the game with an expansive dungeon map that will feature new enemies as well as a variety of never-seen-before weapons.

The game launches this Summer for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Check out the teaser below.


The original stand-alone Hellraid game was first announced by Techland in 2013, but was later postponed indefinitely for the developer to focus on Dying LightHellraid was supposed to be a hack-and-slash action game with co-operative multiplayer that pits four players against the denizens of hell in a battle for points, rewards and fame.

The company has since reaffirmed in a statement to IGN, that Hellraid will only be a DLC and that the company is not working on any other Hellraid-related games or content.

Dying Light was released in January 2015. The game revolves around an undercover agent who is sent to infiltrate a quarantine zone after a zombie apocalypse. It features an enemy-infested, open-world city with a dynamic day and night cycle, with climbable structures that support a fluid parkour system. The game has received multiple expansions since its release five years ago.

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