‘Terminator’ open-world survival game announced by Nacon

Players will be part of “an original story that builds on the events of the official films”

Nacon has announced that it’s developing an official Terminator survival game, and a brief first-look has been included with the reveal.

Developed by Nacon Studio Milan, this will be the first survival game set in the Terminator  movie universe, and it’ll include “an original story that builds on the events of the official films.”

Check out the teaser trailer below:


Coming to both PC and consoles (other than Nintendo Switch), players will be thrust into the post-apocalyptic world of the Terminator franchise and play as a group of “nuclear apocalypse survivors fighting to stay alive in a time period between Judgement Day and the creation of John Connor’s resistance.”

The open-world survival game has very little public information as of now, with Nacon saying: “We can’t say much more for now, but this is definitely something to keep your eyes on.”

Terminator survival game
Terminator survival game. Credit: Nacon

There’s currently no release date for the game, but it appears as though Nacon Studio Milan will be incorporating online multiplayer elements into the survival game. The studio’s previous game was Rims Racing, a motorbike simulation game that brought together a realistic racing challenge with engineering and mechanics.

The French publisher announced the formation of its Milan studio back in May of this year (via GamesIndustry.biz), and one of the studios to be folded into the new group was RaceWard, which joined Nacon in 2019.


In other news, the creator of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and overseer of the franchise Kazuki Takahashi has died, aged 60.

“Rest in Peace, Kazuki Takahashi-sensei. Your manga has always and will always continue to inspire us for generations to come. We will take the messages you imparted onto the world through your art and live with them until we see you again,” posted a fan page for Takahashi.

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