‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’ potential season two titles and logos registered

Five logos and titles have been registered by Supermassive Games

Five different game titles and logos have been registered for The Dark Pictures Anthology by developer Supermassive Games

The last chapter to be announced was The Devil In Me, which marks the end of the first season of the series, suggesting these titles and logos could be for the season two.

As noted by VGC, Twitter user The_Marmolade discovered that Supermassive Games has registered five new names and logos for titles in the series with the European Intellectual Property Office. Each filing was made public yesterday (January 31).


The five potential anthology episodes are as follows:

  • The Craven Man
  • Directive 8020
  • Intercession
  • Winterfold
  • O Death

Judging by each of the logos, Directive 8020 will likely have something to do with space or the moon, The Craven Man may have something to do with a cult, Winterfold appears to reference some sort of snowy locale, whilst Intercession has a cross in the logo.

O Death is the only entry prefaced with a “presents” tagline, and the image shows The Curator, who has been present in each and every episode as a fourth wall breaking device that tracks the players progress.

The Curator also has a habit of appearing in the background of each of the three anthology series stories so far, either blurred out slightly or briefly enough to be easily missed.

Upcoming episode The Devil In Me appears to take inspiration from the Saw movie franchise, and is the fourth in a series of eight proposed games. No release date has been announced as of yet.


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