“The ending is not out there”: Neil Druckmann says of ‘The Last Of Us Part II’ spoilers

The vice president of Naughty Dog assured that the game’s ending has not been spoiled

Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann has assured fans that the ending of The Last Of Us Part II has not been leaked.

Druckmann revealed to Eurogamer that the ending of the game has not been spoiled, despite the recent leaks surrounding the much-anticipated game. “There’s all these theories about what the ending is but the ending is not out there. You actually don’t know how it all comes together,” he said.

“We’re finally getting it into people’s hands, to see this meticulous journey that we’ve crafted for Ellie and how these events affect her, the highs and lows of that journey – that there’s beautiful sweet moments and these dark, hard moments to deal with,” Druckmann continued.


During the interview, Druckmann also addressed the game’s leaks and its impact on the studio. “They sucked. You’ve worked on something for so long, and then to have it come out in the way that it did was disappointing, to myself and other members of the team,” he noted.

“But we know once people get their hands on it, they’re going to feel what it is we’re after whether they’ve seen it or not, and that’s what made us confident,” the developer added. “It’s going to be uncomfortable for a while, the games gonna be out there, and I think you’re going to get what we want you to get out of it.”

Last month, Sony announced that it had identified the culprits behind The Last Of Us Part II leaks. It said that the leakers were not afflicted to the company, nor developer Naughty Dog, dispelling any earlier rumours of the leaks coming from a disgruntled employee. Sony also declined to comment further on the matter, due to ongoing investigations.

The Last Of Us Part II will launch on June 19 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Naughty Dog previously previewed the game’s world in the fourth and final episode of its Inside The Last Of Us Part II series.