“We’re at the one-yard line”: ‘The Last Of Us: Part II’ director Neil Druckmann

He also explains why Naughty Dog will not release a demo

The Last Of Us: Part II director Neil Druckmann has revealed just how close developers are to completing the game.

Speaking on a recent episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, Druckmann said Naughty Dog is at the “one-yard line” where finishing the game is concerned. He said the team was still finding and “squashing” some bugs, but “it’s there” and that it was frustrating that the game had to be postponed again.

The interview comes after last week’s announcement that the highly anticipated title would be delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The game had first been postponed from February to May 2020, but due to the outbreak, it’s now on hold for an undisclosed period of time.


“It’s a bit rough,” Druckmann said, describing the delay. “You’re working on something for so long; for some of us, for years. There is a built-in anticipation; you can’t wait for this thing that you’ve been crafting and honing and sometimes dreaming about. You can’t wait to get it into people’s hands and see their reactions; what they like, what they didn’t like or where the story takes them. And now you gotta put all that on hold because the world is conspiring against us.”

Druckmann also addressed the matter of a game demo that Naughty Dog showed members of the media in September 2019. Although fans have been clamouring for the studio to release the demo to the public, Druckmann confirmed that there were no plans on doing so as it would require a “massive” amount of work. He added that the game has improved greatly since the demo, and it wouldn’t be representative of where The Last Of Us: Part II stands now.