‘The Last Of Us Part II’ includes accurate footprints and traces of Tommy

Along with impressive graphical details

A The Last Of Us Part II video reveals that players can find traces of Tommy throughout the game, along with a catalogue of hidden details.

The new YouTube video published by Speclizer, who is known to deliver in-depth video game analysis videos, dives deep into the game’s secret features, revealing much more than players may be initially aware of.

The video first highlights the aftermath of Joel’s death, where Ellie has to go back to his home which is littered with flowers of remembrance. If the player looks closely enough, they’re able to find a ton of footsteps in the snow, left behind by those who left flowers.


Further on in the video, Speclizer also reveals that Ellie’s shoeprint in the sand is accurate to the sole of her shoe, using the in-game photo mode to zoom in on the design on the sole.

One other detail that players may not be aware of is at the beginning of the game, where Ellie and Dina are exploring the open area of Seattle in search of Tommy, the player can find a small campsite in the ruins of an old building.

When prompted, in-game dialogue from Ellie and Dina wonder if it could have been left behind by Tommy. Empty bottles of beer can also be spotted around the area, suggesting that the character had been drinking on his journey.

Other missable details show that Abby starts wearing Owen’s backpack after his death, and Ellie’s nose will react to her touch in a cinematic cutscene showing off how powerful the engine Naughty Dog uses is.


Further, when ice is broken by the player at the beginning of the game it will reform to a frozen state after a few seconds and Speclizer also pointed out the fact that both The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us Part II ends with the word “Okay” from Ellie.

The Last Of Us Part II launched in 2020 on PS4 after a series of delays. The game has since become playable on PS5 through backwards compatibility and has recently received a 60FPS performance update.

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