‘The Last Of Us’ stars Joel and Ellie won’t be visiting ‘Fortnite’ just yet

Neil Druckmann has denied rumours of a 'Fortnite' collaboration

It seems that The Last Of Us‘s Joel and Ellie won’t be coming to Fortnite any time soon, following rumours of a potential collaboration.

Earlier this week, rumours began circulating online about a planned collaboration between Naughty Dog and Epic Games to commemorate the launch of the upcoming remake: The Last Of Us Part 1.

However, Naughty Dog’s co-president and co-director on the original title, Neil Druckmann, has clarified that this isn’t happening in a new Tweet. “Love me some Fortnite… but there are no plans for this. False rumor,” he said.


This was in response to a now-deleted Tweet from prolific Fortnite leaker, ShiinaBR, who claimed they had sources for the rumour.

A screenshot of Ellie and Joel from the upcoming The Last of Us Part 1
The Last of Us Part 1. Credit: Naughty Dog

The original source came from the Xbox Era podcast, where it was claimed that the free-to-play battle royale would be getting Joel and Ellie character skins from The Last Of Us.

On July 24, iFireMonkey explained on Twitter that after talking to ShiinaBR, they were told the same thing. “It appears that their source was told similar things in regards to this collab, so while it might not be confirmed/”official” yet, multiple sources seem to have heard about it!”

Initially, the rumours of the Naughty Dog collaboration were believed to be true since the studio has previously partnered with Epic Games to add Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan to the game. It’s unclear at this time if the idea of Joel and Ellie joining Fortnite as purchasable skins is completely off the table.

Set to release in September 2, The Last Of Us Part 1 is a complete remake of the original PS3 2013 title “rebuilt from the ground up for PS5.” The remake will feature the graphics as well as expanded accessibility options and “enhanced exploration and combat.”


In other news, The Last Of Us Part 1 will be coming to PC “very soon” after the PS5 release, according to a Naughty Dog developer.